Patient Participation Group

What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

It is a group of volunteer patients and practice staff who engage and discuss the topics for discussion the patients would like them to be.

Patient participation is:

  • Patients working with practices to improve services;
  • Varied to suit local needs
  • Based on cooperation

Patient participation is not:

  • A forum for complaints; although the group may discuss complaint themes to identify areas for improvement
  • A doctors’ fan club
  • A time-consuming activity for patients and practice staff

If you know all about PPGs already and simply wish to register to join our Primary Care Network PPG, please send an email to your surgery at mentioning PPG member application in the subject header.

What is the aim of a PPG?

The aims of the Patient Participation Group (PPG) are as follows:

  • To encourage a positive relationship between the patients and all of the surgery staff
  • Represent a voice for the patient in the practice
  • To be realistic about what you can achieve and to look for small changes that can make a real difference
  • To work together constructively and positively to help identify solutions and to work in partnership with the practice and other local organisations
  • Carry out research to find out what matters to patients and discussing the findings with the practice
  • To encourage patients to engage in their own healthcare and future needs

The practice(s) will work with the PPG to develop an action plan for implementing changes.

How does having a PPG benefit the patients and the practice?

Good for patients

  • Patients will take more responsibility for their own health
  • Patients will have a clearer understanding and knowledge of the practice and staff
  • Patients will benefit from improved communications with staff
  • Patients will have a forum to suggest positive ideas and voice their concerns

Good for practice staff

  • Staff will be able to plan services jointly with patients and this should make services more effective.
  • Staff will be able to help patients with non-medical and social care issues
  • Staff will be able to get help from patients in meeting targets and objectives
  • Staff will have a forum to voice concerns, ideas and suggestions to patients
  • Staff will build stronger links with their community

For the surgery to be able to develop a PPG :  WE NEED YOU!

How much of your time will being part of the PPG take?

It’s up to you!

We are keen to ensure that our PPG is representative of all of our patients so it is important that we explore different ways of engaging with you.

We would like to develop at least 2 ways of working with our patients:

  • A PPG that meets regularly as defined by the PPG once it is in place (subject to Covid Secure Guidelines)
  • A virtual PPG that allows those who cannot attend meetings to still be fully involved using email where available

Quote / Testimonial:

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget we also have the Friends & Family survey so that if you wish to contribute but cannot attend in person and do not have access to email you can still provide feedback and recommendations when you are at the practice.

We are always keen to hear from patients who would be willing to devote a little time to helping the PPG – either as a committee member, or with the organisation and running of events, or have ideas for information sessions and events. If you are interested please complete the PPG form on line or ask reception for one to complete and hand in.

Details of events organised by the PPG will be displayed on the practice notice board in the waiting room of the surgery, or ask at Reception for more details.

If you are interested in taking part in our group, or would like more information about anything we do please contact us on 02037943119 or ask at reception

If you want to register your interest, please send an email to your surgery at mentioning PPG member application in the subject header.

We are very excited to be work with our patients to develop the patient experience at Shakespeare Health Centre so we look forward to hearing from you.

For more information, please visit the National Association for Patient Participation website –