DNA (Did not attend appointments) Policy

Did Not Attend (DNA) Policy

Patients failing to attend appointments is a huge and avoidable waste of valuable GP and Nurse appointments. Every year, on average, over  300 hours of appointment time is lost at the practice due to patients who “did not attend”; this is equivalent to us losing 1 hour of GP  clinic every single day.

The effect of DNAs is:

  • An increase in the waiting time for appointments
  • Frustration for both staff and patients
  • A waste of resources
  • A potential risk to the health of the patient

Please help us to avoid this by cancelling your appointment in good time (preferably 24 hours ahead) so that we may offer your appointment to another patient who needs it.

You can cancel your appointment in the following ways:

  • online via the NHS app
  • by phoning 02037943119

Mistakes do happen and the Practice understands that appointments can be forgotten about or overlooked. In such cases, the Practice will take into account the reason given by Patients.

Important information when you miss your appointment (our DNA policy)

Patients not attending their appointments has serious implications on the healthcare system and on those who genuinely need appointments but do not get because of other people not attending their appointments.  We have a strict policy for those who do not attend their pre-booked appointment and do not bother to cancel or inform the practice of their non attendance.

  • In the event that a patient does not attend (DNA) an appointment then the appointment will be recorded as a DNA
  • On the first occasion a text will be sent to the patient with a link to the DNA policy and reminding them to cancel in good time if they cannot attend
  • If a patient does not attend (DNA) for 2 appointments within a 12 month period, they will be sent a letter/SMS explaining that they did not attend their appointment and they have to provide an explanation to the GP Practice for not attending their appointment within 30 days of the letter/SMS sent. Practice will be assessing the response to decide if there were any compelling circumstances that prevented the patient from attending his/her appointment. either explain in writing about their exceptional circumstances that prevented them from attending or cancelling appointments (which will be discussed with the clinical team and further evidence or a meeting may be arranged to establish the facts) or they may be asked to register with another practice of their choice. In this instance Practice will deregister them from their list and notify the health authority of their deduction. If no explanation is given practice may decide to remove the patient from practice’s list and inform the health authority of their removal.
  • If a patient DNA’s a third time within a 12 month period then a letter/SMS will be sent, asking them to sign a Did Not Attend behavioral agreement within 30 days of the date letter/SMS. This will be a binding agreement to analyse and monitor any further DNAs without prior cancellation or without informing the practice of their inability in the next 12 months. In such cases cancelling their appointment beforehand, a removal will be processed immediately and the health authority will be informed/notified.

To avoid all of this please ensure that you cancel your appointment in good time (and an absolute minimum of an hour before the appointment time. Anything cancelled after this time could still count as a DNA).