Seasonal Influenza Vaccination

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Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Sep 2022 to March 2023

We are currently booking patients for Seasonal Influenza Vaccination.

All Aged 65 and Over and Aged 18 and Over with clinical risk factors are eligible for free Seasonal Influenza Vaccination.

Aged 2-3 years old who will be receiving Intra-nasal influenza vaccination.

Please speak to your GP receptionists team who will be happy to confirm your eligibility and book you a suitable appointment to come and get a flu jab.

We are running both week days and week end clinics for our patients. There will be some walk-clinics as well but please check with practice before walking in for your influenza vaccination.

Patients with multiple conditions will be invited for both their Influenza vaccination and routine check ups in pre-booked appointments.

 All eligible patients will be notified via SMS to book their flu appointments. Please let your practice know if your mobile number has changed.

The quickest and easy way to book your flu vaccination appointments is via online booking. You can book your flu vaccination appointment online using the NHS App. Download your NHS App using iphone or android play stores or visit on your PC.

Please register your details on NHS app and book a flu vaccination appointment of your choice. Please note that registering on NHS app is a quick one-off process to give you access to appointment booking, medication requests and viewing care records.

Due to high call volume in our busy times we advise our patients to call us between 11am and 3pm for their flu vaccination appointments. Please call us between 11am and 3pm and we will be more than happy to book your flu vaccination appointment.